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We are all quite familiar with online schools. They were there before and they are there now more than they ever were. Foreign language schools are also pretty common to most of us especially those who need to relocate, whether permanently, for work or studies. Foreign languages are not necessarily for studies or work; some may just want to familiarize themselves with the language out of sheer interest. Chinese being one of the most spoken languages in the world, it is obvious that many people would need to be familiar with the language. Physical learning may be hard especially if you have a tight schedule. Therefore, an online class is the next to go-to. Here is all you need to know about online Chinese language schools. 

 How do they teach? 

There are so many platforms that offer the option of learning Chinese online. You cannot lack a platform that works for you. These Chinese online schools have levels to their teaching depending on what the learner wants. 

Chinese language schools normally use HSK levels to assess the proficiency of non-native Chinese speakers in Chinese. HSK is an international standardized exam that is used to test Chinese language proficiency among learners in their day to day lives. There are six HSK levels and the further you go the more fluent you are in the language. 

Online schools, therefore, create their courses in a way that their levels of teaching enable their students to answer the levels of HSK tests. They divide their classes in such a way that you go from the basic levels to expert levels and for one to be considered an expert they should have gotten up to HSK (VI) 

They have a beginner course; here you will learn the basics of the Chinese language like greetings and basic conversations. After comes the elementary course; where you get to expand your vocabulary from the basic greetings and directions. The next course is the conversational course; in this stage, you will focus on more advanced topics such as job-seeking which will equip you with more conversational skills. Then is the intermediate where you polish your speaking skills and understanding with more advanced topics. Another is the advanced course, here one reaches fluency and can comprehend high-level texts. Last but not least, the expert level; here the learner will perfect their skills and will be able to make speeches in Chinese, read magazine articles in complex Chinese language, and even translate texts. 

How long are the courses? 

Depending on what level you want to get to, the courses can take between 4 weeks to 12 weeks. Each week one can pick a schedule that works for them. It could be two or three days every week for two hours each session. Chinese is not very simple and therefore a lot of work is put into the learning process. Therefore it may need more hours and more days as compared to other languages. Each school has its methods of teaching so the time taken to learn the language may vary across different online schools. 

What are the charges? 

The charges vary. Normally the schools charge per hour. The charges may be around $5 – $8 per hour. Depending on the package one has chosen, one pays for the number of hours the package entails. If it is 6 hours per week for 12 weeks, and you are paying $8 per hour, then you have to pay $576 for the entire session. 


Learning, especially that of foreign languages has been made very easy to access. Just a few clicks and you are all set to start learning. If you have the means to pay to learn these languages then go for it. There is nothing you have to lose by learning a foreign language but actually, you have a lot of added advantage online classes in Chinese by Yi Mandarin