Stockholm Top Choice For Nordic Relocation According To Forbes Latest Survey

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The main reason you hire a moving company is that you need some mobile space. Your items have to be held somewhere during your move. And that?s truck. But just any other truck. Different home sizes call for different truck sizes. If you are planning to relocate soon, you need to research further on what amount of space you require. People who have moved before can confirm to you that moving is not something you want to do every day. It will be disappointing to proceed with the truck hire only to realize that not all items fit in the truck. It?s heart breaking to know that you will have to do it all over again or incur the extra cost for two trips.

As you already know, the amount of stuff in your home and how much you are willing to spend will indicate what truck size is convenient for Let?s get into the truck size details hereof.

Just like its name, its best for small distance moves. People relocating to studio apartments or dorms are well served by these trucks. The point is the items are not bulky nor are they in the large amount not to fit in the truck. Small truck company are compact, easy to park and hence perfect when you are moving from one city suburb to another. It can accommodate 3100 pounds, up to 5 furniture items of medium nature and 120 standard packing boxes. Other notable features include two seats, 9?0 clearance, and 380 cubic feet.  For more info 

The words speak for themselves. Medium trucks are hence suitable for those moving their medium sized homes. It could be one bedroom or a small apartment. This is where the majority lies justifying why the medium sized moving trucks are super popular. If you live in a 3-4 roomed home, you should hire a medium truck. Small business offices are also best served by these trucks. The truck can accommodate 3500 pounds, 1 ? 10 furniture items and 250 standard packing boxes. They differ with the small trucks in that loading ramp, and towing features are added. Clearance is 11? and capacity of 830 cubic feet. Best for long distance moves.

Should be the last resort when moving. It has the largest truck capacity which makes it the most expensive but worth it for a big move. Best serves 2 ? 3 bedroom home relocations. Long distance should not be a problem with this truck. Can accommodate 12,000 pounds, 1 ? 15 furniture items and 500 packing boxes. Loading ramp and towing are a mandatory bonus to the clients. If you live in a home comprised of 5 ? 8 rooms, this is the truck size to hire.